[row topmargin=”yes”] [third_column] [box]Where:
2558 N. San Fernando Rd
Studio A8
Los Angeles, California 90065[/box] [box]When:
Wednesday, August 07
6:00PM – 10:00PM[/box] [box]How Much:
$50 (this workshop) +
$250 (Grasshopper series)[/box] [box]Hardware Requirements:

  • A laptop running Windows. Grasshopper does not run on Rhino for Mac.
[/box] [box]Software Requirements:

[/box] [box]Instructors:
Biayna Bogosian & Jason King

[/box] [/third_column] [two_thirds_column] [spacer height=”25″] color_large
Color: Visualization and Analysis

This workshop will introduce various components and methods for extraction and application of color/material for visualization and analysis of all geometry types in Grasshopper.  [spacer height=”35″]

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