[row topmargin=”yes”] [third_column] [box]Where:
2558 N. San Fernando Rd
Studio A8
Los Angeles, California 90065[/box] [box]When:
Monday, August 05
6:00PM – 10:00PM[/box] [box]How Much:
$50 (this workshop) +
$250 (Grasshopper series)[/box] [box]Hardware Requirements:

  • A laptop running Windows. Grasshopper does not run on Rhino for Mac.
[/box] [box]Software Requirements:

[/box] [box]Instructors:
Biayna Bogosian & Jason King

[/box] [/third_column] [two_thirds_column] [spacer height=”25″] Kangaroo_large

Kangaroo: Live Physics Simulation

Kangaroo is a live physics engine in Grasshopper. This powerful plug-in allows simulation of physical behaviors directly in the Rhino3D modeling environment by the application of multiple force types on various geometries constructed in Grasshopper.

This introduction to Kangaroo workshop will focus on simulation and analysis of various input geometries with the use of some of the the Kangaroo forces, such as, Springs , PowerLaws, Wind, Vortex, Bend. [spacer height=”35″]

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